Formal Name: Hemosiderin Also known as urinary hemosiderin detection. What is this test?   This test is to

Formal Name: Hemosiderin

Also known as urinary hemosiderin detection.

What is this test?


urThis test is to detect hemosiderin in the urine. Hemosiderin is a pigment that forms when hemoglobin breaks down. This test is helpful for evaluating and managing disorders that involve the destruction of RBCs (red blood cells). The test may also help in evaluating the suspicion of any chronic venous insufficiency.

Why do I need this test?

The urinalysis is a set of screening tests that are capable of detecting some common diseases. This is helpful for screening and/or helping diagnose other conditions like urinary tract infection, liver problems, diabetes, kidney disorder or other metabolic conditions. Urinalysis is also helpful in figuring out other causes like bleeding in the urinary system, kidney or liver disease, urinary tract infections etc. The test is also helpful in diagnosing some diabetes, blood conditions and bladder stones.

The test is also necessary if the doctor suspects of a disease or toxicity. Other reasons include –

  • Hemolytic anemia
  • Peripheral venous insufficiency

How is the Hemosiderin test administered?

This test of hemosiderin in urine requires urine sample. Contact your doctor for any special preparation for the test. Drink enough fluid unless you’re instructed to do otherwise. Your doctor may also suggest a 24-hour diet for a proper result.

In the lab, the urine will be collected in a sterile container. After filling the container, close the lid and wash your hands with the sanitizer or soap.

What does the test result mean?

The test result may vary depending on your age, gender, the method of the test, health history and many other factors. Contact your healthcare provider for the best explanation and get confirmation whether you have a disease. Generally, there’s no hemosiderin in urine.

After the staining, hemosiderin appears as bright blue granules of ferric ferrocyanide. In normal urine, such materials shouldn’t be present. Unfortunately, there is no satisfactory positive control. You have to consult your doctor if you’re uncertain of the result of the test. The report generally comes up in 2 results – positive or negative.

Anything else I should know

Hemosiderin may also accumulate in different parts of the body like under the skin and other organs. The staining from hemosiderin on the body can differ in color – from yellow to brown or black. It can appear anywhere in the body but generally, those stains show up in the lower legs. Hemosiderin staining can be permanent in different cases.

The staining itself isn’t something that will cause life threat or something like that but it’s a strong indication towards more serious conditions. If there’s anything uncommon you notice with the bruises, you should go ahead and take the advice of a doctor for further investigation and treatment.

The bruises are removable but it may require more than one session of treatment for nearly complete removal. It’s not 100% assurance that the stain will go away completely. But it will greatly improve the cosmetic appearance for sure.

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